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Informative News Articles on Kitchen Shoes

Article 1: Kitchen Shoes are crucial gears for Kitchen Staff in the Kitchen

There are several reasons why a comfortable pair of kitchen shoes will prove highly beneficial for workers that work in the kitchen. Below are some of key side effects that can be prevented if kitchen staff were to wear the proper kitchen footwear:

1. Preventing one’s feet from being sore or pain from the long hours of standing


Working as a kitchen staff is not an easy job as it requires long hours of standing. By standing for many hours in the kitchen, these kitchen staff are putting immense pressure on their feet in which many of them complain of experiencing pain in their feet at the end of a strenuous day. As such, the wearing of proper kitchen footwear will greatly reduce the likelihood of experiencing such side effects from their job.   


2. Preventing one from slipping and injuring themselves when working in the kitchen


During peak periods such as lunch and dinner time, it is common for kitchen staff to walk about in the kitchen at a fast speed in order to meet the customer orders. This coupled with the slippery kitchen floor stained by oil, sauces and water gives rise to a risk of the kitchen staff slipping and injuring themselves. As such, the wearing of slip resistance kitchen footwear will greatly reduce the likelihood of the kitchen staff slipping and injuring themselves.

3. Preventing one’s foot from being scalded by hot liquids or injured by falling kitchen equipments


In the kitchen, there are pots of simmering soups and hot food that are being cooked. In addition, heavy kitchen equipments such as pans, large knives and plates are placed in kitchens. As such, there exist a great risk of the kitchen staff’s feet being scalded by the hot liquids or being injured by falling kitchen equipments. Therefore, the wearing of proper kitchen shoes that consists of a thick and liquid impermeable shoe material will protect the users’ feet from being scalded or injured. In Singapore, many kitchen chefs and staff wear slippers or other inappropriate footwear that does not provide adequate protection to their feet. This in turn results in a high risk of being scalded or injured by falling heavy kitchen equipments.


With the high likelihood of the risks above being prevented with the wearing of appropriate footwear products, our company highly recommends that kitchen chefs and staff who work in eateries, restaurants and food manufacturers wear them for their own safety.


As Singapore’s established Kitchen Shoe Wholesalers and Suppliers, Scale Footwear Enterprise retails a variety of kitchen shoes with varying features. The table of comparison for the different shoes are shown below.

Scale Footwear Enterprise believes that the wearing of proper footwear will prevent the many workplace injuries and accidents which in turn ensures that the kitchen operations are well staffed in times where the hiring of manpower in the Food and Beverage sector in Singapore is increasingly challenging.

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