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Our Background,公司的背景

Scale Footwear Enterprise Pte Ltd is an importer, exporter and wholesaler of footwear in Singapore that has been in the shoe distribution industry for over 50 years. With its warehouse located at Blk 3017 Ubi Road 1 Industrial Estate, the company distributes a variety of footwear that includes Work Shoes, Sports Shoes, Kitchen Shoes, Sandals, Boots and Slippers.


Through the proper conduct of daily logistic activities and timely deliveries of goods to our customers, Scale Footwear Enterprise Pte Ltd is committed towards being a trusted distributor of Footwear products in Singapore.


Scale Footwear Enterprise Pte Ltd is the main distributor of established brands like Asadi and Korakoh. Our house brands include Albertini, Bulldozer, Champion, Danke, Kalelo, Orazio, Passion, Paili, Rosky, Spako and Tractor.


Our main customers are footwear retailers in neighbourhood shophouses and shopping malls. 


Scale Footwear Enterprise welcomes all types of interested parties to find out more about the products we sell and any overseas footwear manufacturer to contact the company for further collaborations.


天平鞋业私人有限公司在新加坡从事批发鞋业至今已有超过 五十多年的历史。公司的货仓与办公司 位于 大牌 3017 乌美路 的 工业商区。公司目前在批发不同种类的鞋子, 例如 工作鞋, 运动鞋, 厨房鞋, 凉鞋, 水鞋 和 拖鞋。


天平鞋业私人有限公司是 Asadi 与 Korakoh 等品牌的代理商。我们的自家品牌包括 Albertini, Spako, Champion, Passion, Paili, Danke, Rosky, Kalelo, Orazio, Bulldozer and Tractor.


天平 坚持 有条有理地把一切事物处理得妥善 并 为客户及时地把货物送到店面。秉持着这生意精神就是为了让公司成为人人都可信任,优越的新加坡鞋业批发商。


我们的顾客大部分都是鞋业零售商, 而这些店面都位于政府组屋区与购物中心内。


Our Vision, 公司的愿景

To be a Leading Importer, Exporter and Wholesaler of Footwear Products in Singapore.



Our Mission, 公司的使命

To be a Reliable Wholesaler of Footwear Products to our Customers.


Our Core Values, 公司的核心价值观

1. Mutual Trust 互相信任


2. Mutual Respect 互相尊重


3. Order and Discipline 遵守纪律


4. Continuous Adaptation, Learning & Improvement 与时并进

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